Patient Hits the Jackpot Twice

Earlier this week a cancer patient in Canada won the jackpot, not just once but twice. The woman is Diane Bishop, who has stage-four breast cancer. Bishop won the $1.5 million check in the Atlantic Lottery in St John’s Newfoundland in Labrador, Canada. Her second miracle win was when her body finally responded to chemotherapy after several failed attempts.


“It’s like this big ball of weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” Bishop said. “The stress is gone.” Bishop is single mother of two boys. She says that the disease has taken a toll on her family and on her body. She walks with a limp, has trouble raising her right arm, and struggles just to get out of the bed in the morning. But even with her condition, she could not stop working. She received help from the government but it was barely enough to cover her mortgage payments.


So one day, Bishop took a chance and bought a $20 scratch lottery ticket. The ticket was a winner that won her $1.6 million. She says she and her sons was jumping and screaming. Bishop thought ‘Oh my God, oh my God, we actually won this and our financial troubles are gone.’ Then a week later she received news from her doctor that the chemo was finally working. Bishop said that it was like winning the lottery all over again.

“It had taken the fluid out of my lungs. It has shrunk some of the cancer that is in my lung, and it actually healed part of the bone that’s in my leg,” Bishop said.”I really believe that it’s the power of prayers. I’ve had so many people praying for me. They email me through Facebook, they come to the store, they call me, they text me, and they told me their churches are praying for me.”

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