Parents tell the favorite ages of their Kids

While parenting can be very tough at times, there are many instances that we think of and get nostalgic, when your child spoke the first word, or when they first started walking, there are memories every parent cherishes and it lives in their hearts. When it comes to raising kids many parents suggest raising a newborn is easy, others would say raising a tot is easy; but everyone would think differently, every parent would call a different age as their child’s best age.

Here are a few quick responses gathered from parents living in different parts of the country, parents share their thoughts on what were or are the best ages of their kids, or is that phase still to come:

One parent Meara said the best age of her child was when he was 6 months old, when still learning to sit and sleeping through the night, not much crawling, running and no jumping all over. Cute little squishy ones!

Another parent Erin said it has to be the newborn age, when kids are too cute and just sleep through most parts of the day, don’t mess around and don’t talk back, don’t break things and bones.

Kristin said when her kids were 10 and 12, it was her favorite age of theirs because, they could do a lot of things themselves, were more independent, more reasonable and threw little tantrums than when they were toddlers.

A lot of parents said they love the school going age of their kids, very few respondents said they loved the toddlers time the most, as we know that is the most demanding age group. No matter what the age your kids are, enjoy the time and create wonderful memories together, so you could cherish them later in life and laugh away all the naughty, nasty things your kids did when they were toddlers or very young.

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