Parents of Teens Return Home from Vacation to Find Their Home Unrecognizable

It always seems to be a pipe dream for parents to have a relaxing vacation when they’ve got teenagers at home. Always worrying about whether the house would be destroyed, the cops would show up, or worse, something would happen to their kids, parents of teens certainly know the struggle. You’d think once their children grew out of diapers, parents might worry a little bit less, but, instead, the worry actually just increases.

And for this family, the parents had every right to worry. Leaving their daughters behind was hard enough, but it was what they returned home to, that gave them the shock of their lives…

Out of Nowhere

The Schoonovers, a fun and happy family of six, were very tight-knit, so much so, that when they vacationed, it was always together. But as their four daughters got older, Karen and Chip began considering a trip alone. After all, it had been years since they spent quality time together, just the two of them. But, as parents, they always worried about leaving the girls home alone…

Living in Paradise

While they resided in North Myrtle Beach, a place many people travel to for their own vacations, it didn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t want some time away from home. When they decided the girls were old enough to be left home alone, they began to plan an epic week-long vacation in December. They never expected that the girls had their own plan that would unfold while they were away, as well…




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