PARENTS: Do Not Let People Kiss Your Newborn!

One couple has set out with a message to all new parents after their harrowing situation with their newborn daughter. They made a difficult experience into a life lesson for other families, becoming advocates for newborn safety. They’re spreading the message that many parents don’t even know about: Do not let people kiss your baby’s face.

New Advocates for Newborn Safety


Shane and Nicole Sifrit were engaged before they found out they were pregnant. Instead of having a quick wedding, they decided to coast through the pregnancy while planning their perfect wedding. The baby’s due date was only a few days before the wedding, so they knew they were cutting it close. They were elated to start their family, just like anyone in their position! Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst after the wedding.

Mariana was born!

On July 1st, 2017, Nicole and Shane welcomed their baby girl, Mariana. At 6 pounds and 11 ounces, she was a happy and healthy baby at birth, with no complications in labor or in the pregnancy. As it so happens, July 1st was their original wedding date, with little Marianna coming a bit later than they were expecting. Nonetheless, they were thrilled with their amazingly healthy and beautiful baby girl. Her newborn pictures are absolutely adorable!

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