Overeating on Thanksgiving? Bitters can make it better.

It's estimated that Americans eat roughly between 2,000 and 4,5000 calories just at their Thanksgiving dinner table. A trick to help ease the pain of a bloated stomach after your feast is to mix in a bitters-based cocktail with the dessert you know you're going to eat.

 Despite the fact that bitters tend to taste exactly how they sound, the positive digestive effects that they have on the body are worth holing your nose and taking a swig for.

Because bitter herbs have different effects on the body - slowing the heart rate, a quick nutrient boost, easing stress, and soothing bloating - it only makes sense to include a bitters-based cocktail in your dessert menu after a big meal. Look up some easy recipes and enjoy on Thanksgiving so you don't find yourself slumped under the table.

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