Our Pets Are Being Pampered More Than We Are

In a world on lockdown, consumers are changing the way they perceive necessities in lockdown. Nestle, which has been making a concerted effort to shift its focus toward food, has reported a 4.3% increase in sales. Although food is usually second to personal care products like hair conditioner and moisturizer, COVID-19 has effectively turned the industry on its head.

In 2019, Nestle generated 15% of its sales from pet care, but the novel coronavirus has inflated that number significantly. People are panic-buying food for their cats and dogs, but they're also spending more time with them, resulting in an overall sales increase of 7% in both North America in Europe. However, worrying more about pets means that Americans and Europeans are worrying less about their appearance.

With less reason to appear presentable, people aren't pampering nearly as much as they used to. According to Unilever, a typical day in quarantine constitutes 11 less "personal care moments" than during ordinary times. However, pets in the Western hemisphere are being showered with tartar-control toothpaste, anti-plaque chew toys, CBD-infused supplements and treats, and brainteasers made to "unleash a genius within your pet."

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