Opening The Doors 50 Years Later To New York’s Haunted Mansion

Most people who own properties are vigilant about their upkeep. It’s a great feeling when friends and family come to visit, and they leave impressed by what’s been done to maintain the real estate’s integrity. A few miles outside of New York City sits one of these abandoned homes. It’s an enormous, 57-room mansion that was built in the 1930s and hasn’t been occupied since the 1970s. A photographer named Bryan Sansivero was lucky enough to make his way onto the property for an amazing—yet slightly haunting—photo shoot of the forgotten residents. His pictures are as captivating as they are eerie.


The Mansion

Bryan Sansivero learned about a neglected mansion that sat a few miles outside of New York City, he knew it would make for an amazing photo shoot; it had been uninhabited for over 40 years, after all. What he captured with his lens was both mesmerizing and haunting.


Main Entrance

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