Nobody Knew This Star Athlete Was Homeless Until He Collapsed At Football Practice

It’s never fair when a child must grow up homeless. It’s something that is so out of their control yet so impactful on their development and future. Life for homeless children means isolation and struggle, embarrassment and malnourishment, which brings us to the story of one talented young man who was pushed to his mental and physical limits all the while playing it cool in public. This incredible athlete experienced things that no one should ever have to go through, especially as a child…

An Early Struggle

Antonio Dawkins lived in and out of homeless shelters and other people’s homes for the better part of his life. While the odds were against a poor kid from South Carolina, he proved to himself, and everyone in his life, that giving up was not an option. Despite hiding his homelessness for nearly his whole life, after being outed by his coaches, he feels like now, his story must be told…

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