New Zip Line Over Grand Canyon Opens

At the Grand Canyon by the Colorado River, Arizona the newest tourist attraction was unveiled. A zip line that would go through part of the large canyon was installed. The zip line was made to attract the attention of adrenaline junkies that want something more exciting when visiting the Grand Canyon. The new zip line allows tourists to zip through the sky around 1,000 feet over the canyon floor. The line can travel at speeds of up to 80 km/hr.


There are a lot of tourists attractions found near and around the Grand Canyon. One of the most visited includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk which will allow you to look down into the canyon through the glass bottom floors. But if that is not exciting enough, the new zip line is sure to make your day and provide you with a unique perspective of the Grand Canyon.


The zip line is located at Hualapai Ranch, at the western side of the Grand Canyon. Tourists can zip across the canyon four at a time. There are two sets of cables that measure 1,100 feet in length, while a second set is installed at a steeper grade and measures almost double at 2,100 feet. Each line can accommodate guests that weigh 90 to 275 lbs. The zip line will be able to accommodate around 350,000 visitors each year and is priced at around $89 USD per trip. This is not the first time a zip line was installed in a famous tourist attraction. Last year, the Eiffel tower and the city of London opened zip lines to attract more tourists and visitors.

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