New Trend Has Mothers Paint Ultrasound Scans on their Nails

There have been a lot of trends when it comes to babies and expecting mothers. There have been gender reveals and pregnancy reveals that have gone viral on social media. But this newest trend has pregnant mothers painting their fingernails with ultrasound pictures of their unborn babies. This new nail art has taken the social media world by storm.


The Sarenity Hair and Beauty salon found in Stockton-on-Tees, North England recently went viral for sharing photos of this latest trend. In the photos they show fingernails decorated in black and white ultrasound pictures through nail art. The artwork is carefully hand painted into a middle finger of a pregnant mother. Since the picture was shared, it has gotten 44,000 shares, 7,000 comments, and 2,200 likes.

“I’m booked up two weeks in advance minimum now.” said nail artist Sarah Clark, “I am currently getting hundreds of messages an hour”. Clarke has had several requests and has taken to social media to warn people of her very busy schedule. Customers can also peruse her Instagram account to see other nail art that she has done in the past.


Some people have taken to this trend and made their own fingernail art by using a tiny printed out decal pictures of the ultrasound stills and sticking it to their fingernails. Clarke is currently offering her personalized baby scan nails on an express appointment for just £25, but her busy schedule has made it impossible to keep up with all the orders.

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