Netflix Wants People to Stop Hurting Themselves With ‘Bird Box’ Challenge

The creators of “Black Mirror” have completely knocked it out of the park with the new hit, “Bird Box.” Netflix users flocked to the site to watch the thriller, which stars Sandra Bullock.

The story is about a bizarre paranormal entity that causes people to commit suicide when they see it. This prompts the survivors to lock themselves in their homes and to use blindfolds when outside. The survivors use a high-tech car with sensors all around it to drive, and basically walk around blind to avoid seeing the creature.

Thus began the challenges. Youtubers began doing the Bird Box Challenge, which is just going about your day with a blindfold on. Nothing too creative, but entertaining nonetheless.

Some of them are harmless, such as walking around public places with blindfolds on and trying to shop (with people supervising, of course).

Others have gotten careless with it…

Needless to say, maybe skip this challenge!

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