Neighbors Unite for a Social Distancing Dance Party

Everyone is having a hard time accepting the new normal. Truth be told, there's nothing like a mandatory quarantine to help reinvigorate your fitness routine. Whether you've been diving into the world of home workouts or tuning into live streams from fitness instructors, people across the globe are figuring out a way to stay active—and sane.

On Tuesday, Elsa Williams of North West England shared videos of her neighborhood's daily dance sessions. Williams explained that the local fitness instructor, Janet Woodcock, has begun to lead daily dance breaks to help spread positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Socially distant dancing happens every day on our road at 11am during #lockdown," Williams tweeted alongside a video of her neighborhood's seventh dance session of quarantine.

"Distance dancing only lasts 10 minutes a day so [it] causes minimal disturbance," she added for anyone who was concerned about the noise. "Mostly our road is kids and elderly residents who are self-isolating, so they look forward to it."

By the next day, news cameras from ITV and BBC had come to film the neighborhood dance party.

"Couldn't not tweet this: a resident came out in a lilac sequined tracksuit 'to make sure she'd see herself on telly'. Icon," Williams joked.

She admitted that while participants know they aren't very good, they still recognize that their "little corner of the universe feels a bit less alone."

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