NASA discovered three Earth like Planets

By 2 years ago

NASA recently did a press conference and revealed that they’ve discovered seven exoplanets, or earth-sized planets that are orbiting around a sun-like star forty light years away. In the press release by NASA HQ it was stated that seven planets very similar to Earth have been found and three of them could have water on them–those three planets have the right atmospheric conditions to have water on them.

Scientists at NASA are always looking to explore and go beyond the solar system to look for habitable planets and planets that could have similar condition to our planet Earth, those planets could have water on them and the same atmospheric conditions, and life forms, as well. The discovery of exoplanets have led the scientists to believe that there could be habitable planets outside our planet Earth in other galaxies.

Exoplanets in scientific terms are potential planets that could have conditions similar to Earth, but these planets are 40 light years away, meaning if we were to travel to them, it could take 39 years to reach one of those newly discovered planets–only if traveled with the speed of light; a jet on the other hand would take millions of years. NASA has already discovered thousands of exoplanets in the universe, but it is not yet practically possible to travel to them and explore them.

According to the astronomers, many of these planets have the potential to have some sort of life on them, the exoplanets have much smaller orbits as the “Sun” Trappist-1 of their solar system is 200 times dimmer than our Sun. Only three of these planets have the right distance from their Sun and have temperate zones and that’s why those exoplanets have the potential to have life on them.

So far, we are very excited to know there could be planets just like Earth orbiting in other solar systems and we might not be alone in the universe, anyway.