Museums Around the Globe Are Sending Each Other Photos of Ducks

Everything going on in the world is a little bit hard to stomach. However, there is one sparkling glimpse of hope: and it’s solicited duck pics.

Museums around the world have, for reasons unbeknownst to the general public, taken to Twitter in an effort to outshine one another with their best duck photos.

It all started with a request from The Museum of English Rural Life for the British Museum to send them their best duck. Not second-best. The most top-of-the-line waterfowl the establishment had to offer.

Whoever is running the social media accounts for these museums truly deserves an award. Not only are the responses hilarious (in both a cool and nerdy way), but people from all over the world are engaging in duck photo-related discourse.

Sometimes, all you need is to see a good old fashioned archive of ancient duck photos to get through the day.

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