Mother Shares How Her ‘Nagging’ Saved Her Infant Son’s Life in a Car Accident

By 2 years ago

Every parent has to deal with taking tons of safety precautions. Whether it’s making sure there’s nothing in the crib can suffocate them, they’ve got the correct nipples for bottles, none of the paint on their toys is dangerous, keeping heavy furniture anchored to the wall, etc, etc… A parent can easily let it slip sometimes.

Naggy Moments

One mother, in particular, saw that her husband was having one of those ‘slip’ moments. Rebecca Tafaro Boyer was a new mom just back at work, so her anxiety is at an all-time high! She admits to becoming a ‘naggy’ mom, but after sharing this story, you won’t blame her… Don’t be afraid to nag!

First Day At Work

This event happened on her very first day back from her maternity leave, which is already terrifying enough for a new mom! Rebecca asked that her husband, David, sent her hourly updates. Seems a little much, right? Well, you try being a new mom on your first day away from your baby! She trusted her husband, but anxiety doesn’t care about that.

First Errand of the Day

David sent her a photo of their sweet little boy knocked out in his carseat at 2:15 pm. Rebecca responded with a sweet ‘xoxo’ and then a little part in her brain spoke to her. She wasn’t afraid to be naggy, and this story proves why naggy moms should not get a bad rap!

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