Mother Refuses To Let Doctors Give Up on her Daughter's Medical Mystery

A mother's intuition is always right. When her daughter had a medical emergency, Kertease Brabson was not about to let doctors give up... no matter how much they wanted to. The moral of this story is to never take "no" for an answer...

Life Turned Upside Down

In 2018, Kertisha "Tisha" Brabson was living her life just as she'd planned. She had two beautiful kids, had a great relationship with her mother who lived nearby and had her dream home. Things were panning out well for her until tragedy suddenly struck...

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The More You Know

  • The glass winged butterfly lacks colored scales, which makes its wings transparent and helps it avoid predators.
  • Over 80 million bacteria can be exchanged in one kiss.
  • Honey is essentially bee vomit.
  • You make approximately a teaspoon of tears per hour.
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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.