Mother of Three Almost Loses Her Children After DNA Test Claims the Impossible

In recent years, DNA tests have risen in popularity. While some are researching their roots, others are finding relatives all over the country. However, for Lydia Fairchild, a DNA test nearly changed her life forever—in the worst way.

Loving Mother

Lydia’s family meant everything to her. She counted on them during difficult times to carry her through the darkness. Lydia lived in Washington State with her three children and longtime boyfriend, Jamie. Lydia and Jamie’s relationship may have seemed idyllic on the surface, but the pair knew their love wasn’t meant to last.

On and Off Relationship

As the years wore on, Lydia and Jamie realized that things between them had no way of working out. They had broken up and reconvened a number of times. Lately, it felt like the fate of their relationship was futile…

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