Mother Fakes Her Own Daughters Death, Then Disappears

By 2 years ago

Faking your death is something straight out of the movies. Of course, people have faked their deaths before in life and sometimes even gotten away with it. But, has someone ever faked the death of another person? That doesn’t even sound like it’s possible, but for Brittany Johnson-Webster, that was just the case.

All Grown Up

Brittany Johnson-Webster is a 21-year-old woman living in Illinois. She was raised by her grandparents and living on her own.

Out of the Blue

One day, Brittany received a random phone call. It was from her mother’s sister, who lives with her mother in Ferguson, Missouri. This was bizarre…

No Real Relationship

Brittany was raised by her grandparents in Illinois. Her parents were not well equipped to raise her, so she had to move three hours away. She had a small relationship with her mother, and they didn’t always talk much…

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