The Most Bizarre and Unexplainable Things to Ever Drift Ashore

A day at the shore is typically filled with sun and fun. We grab our beach chairs, our towels, our sunglasses, and hit the sand. For the following beachgoers, however, a typical day at the shore turned a little strange when they came across these unusual finds in the sand. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what’s washed ashore all around the world, from the most bizarre and weird, to the gross and chilling…

Ambergris AKA Whale Vomit

This chunk of ambergris, a highly valuable whale vomit used in perfumes, was found by a dog walker. It sold for a whopping $16,253 at auction. Maybe it’s just us, but thinking about whale vomit being an ingredient in perfume makes us second-guess dousing ourselves in it next time.

The Montauk Monsters

From the fork of Long Island, it came ashore—the first of perhaps three reported “Montauk Monsters” appeared in 2008. The scientific consensus on the origins of the creature say that it is a raccoon, but some aren’t convinced. The carcass mysteriously vanished soon after…
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