Mom Plants Tape Recorder in Autistic Son’s Backpack to Figure out Who Is Bullying Him at School—the Answer Is Even Worse Than She Thought

Not all heroes wear capes. This was proven especially true when one Louisiana mom wanted to know the truth behind what was really going on at her son’s school…

Spidey Senses Tingling

Milissa Davis was looking for answers. Her son had been growing more and more distressed every time he came home from school, and she needed to know why. She came up with a plan that would help her get to the bottom of this.

Looking out for Her Son

Milissa’s 12-year-old son, Camden, had been acting strangely since she enrolled him in a school for kids with special needs. Camden was severely autistic and had problems communicating the real reason why his behavior had changed so drastically…and when Milissa found out the reason, she was beyond disturbed.

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