Miami University in Ohio Students Throw Party Despite Testing Positive For Coronavirus

Several students have received citations for throwing an off-campus party when they were knowingly sick with COVID-19. Police showed up to the party around 4 p.m. last Saturday after seeing several men drinking on a front porch without wearing masks.

Officers ran the students' IDs, and from there discovered that they had tested positive for COVID-19. Positive test results are now indicated this way. In response, the student said he tested positive a week ago and that everyone else inside had also tested positive. “But you have other people here and you’re positive for COVID? You see the problem?” the officer asked. "You're not quarantining if you're mixing with other people. This is what we're trying to prevent. We want to keep this town open."

The Ohio college is still open and will resume in-person classes on Sept. 21, but 159 new cases of COVID-19 were reported following the Labor Day Weekend. The new cases bring the university total to 1,037.

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