Meet Lotus, the Gigantic Maine Coon Who Looks More like a Lion Than a Cat

Maine Coons have long been known as the gentle giants of the domestic cat world because of their size and sociability. These majestic felines possess unique facial features and mane-like fur that make them a fan favorite amongst cat-lovers everywhere. Perhaps the gentlest of giants, however, is Lotus, a big boy taking the Internet by storm.

Fully-grown Maine Coons generally weigh up to 18 pounds for a male and 12 pounds for a female. They can also grow up to 3 feet long. Maine Coons are notoriously excellent mousers. Lotus is so big he takes up most of the couch! He also loves wearing his harness and going for walks.

Lotus tips the scale at over 20 pounds. Some Main Coons, however, can grow to be over 30 to 35 pounds. Lotus’ owner has made some adjustments to her home—the bathroom, mainly, which features an extra large plastic storage bin for Lotus to do his business instead of a traditional litter box. Lotus is also too large to fit in a cat carrier, so he goes from place to place in a big dog crate.

“Both humans and even dogs usually react when they [first] see him,” said Lindstein, Lotus’ mom. “Many think at first that he is a dog. It’s lucky that he is very friendly to everyone.”

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