Man Forced to Live in Cage for over 30 Years Because His Parents Thought He Was Possessed by a Ghost

By 2 years ago

An entire village in China had been going about their days without knowing that something sinister was happening right under their noses… And it happened to a six-year-old boy. Was it a parents love, or neglect?

Seemingly Ordinary Family

An older couple who lived in their home in Southern China always seemed to keep to themselves. They had been in the same home for multiple decades, never really interacting with their neighbors beside polite nods or waves…

Private Life

Their neighbors respected their privacy and never bothered to try and get to know the couple. They wanted to be left alone, so be it! Things changed when a new neighbor moved in next door and noticed something… bizarre.

A Giant Cage

There was a large cage in the Li’s backyard. It wasn’t just any time of tool shed or storage space… There were metal bars on it. The neighbor thought that was weird, and along with the anti-social personality of the Li’s, it was almost suspicious.

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