Makeup Mogul and Youtube Star James Charles Experiences Privacy Breach at His New Home

In this modern age, the veil between celebrity and fan is very, very thin. It’s easy to interact with your idol just through an Instagram DM or a tweet. Fans feel a closer relationship to the famous people that they look up to. It’s not just actors or musicians, but social media influencers and stars who have made names of themselves.

A lot of the time, these social media influencers do not have the same security measures as A-List celebrities do. Many times, they live in normal apartments or houses in your usual neighborhoods.

Many believe that because social media influencers are so hands-on with their fans, their privacy and livelihoods are at stake. Tons of people have dealt with fans randomly showing up at their own homes.

Youtube star James Charles is the latest victim of fans stalking him outside of his home, and he wasn’t having it.

Fans and friends were so appalled to see that James’ sense of security had been rocked.

Tons of other Youtube stars have had fans show up at their homes unannounced. No one really knows how these addresses get leaked, but it always terrifies the celebrities.

Some fans think that the stars owe them their time and feel entitled to be on the stars’ properties, which is a terrifying thought. A lot of the time, the perps are young kids who are being driven and watched by their own parents.

Obviously, that was not a popular opinion, but some people really do think that!

Lesson is: Respect people’s boundaries!

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