Lily Collins on Dealing With the Pandemic and Anxiety

Lily Collins, star of the latest Netflix series Emily in Paris, recently opened up about how she deals with her anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, something that many people feel has been heightened due to lockdown procedures and health codes. Along with spending the last couple months promoting her new show, she also recently turned 30 and got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Charlie McDowell.

Collins says she has been navigating the pandemic with various self-care methods that include “a hot bath, a good cup of tea and podcasts,” she said. “It’s definitely been a series of highs and lows. But if I can be in a room with no distractions with the people that I love and have a moment when I can laugh, that’s when I’m happiest.” She said she's also working on coming to terms with her anxiety, and feels like she has a handle of her feelings thanks to all of the downtime and isolation.

″As a human being I'm constantly evolving and growing and I'm going to have insecurities,″ Collins said. ″We're being thrown these unprecedented situations as a global experience that if we just stay open and willing to embrace what's happening and embrace our emotions and express them and share with other people, I think we'll all feel less alone in our struggles.″ Collins is honest on her social media pages with her followers, and encourages them to do the same with one another.

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