Let’s All Laugh at Other People’s Dumb Decisions

By 2 years ago

Everyone hates making mistakes, especially when it’s in public or in front of other people. The only way to remedy that is to laugh at other peoples expense in order to make ourselves feel better. Check out these hilarious bad decisions…

Check Out My Meal!

This must have been before food flat lays were a thing on Instagram, and posing with your food was just the thing to do! Unfortunately for this girl, she is spilling her meal onto the table without a care in the world.

Nah, It’s Too Early For Snow

At least, this guy thought so. Apparently, he did not heed the warnings of his friend and left the top down on his car (why would you do that anyway?) and got a snowy surprise.

Lazy UPS or Evil Genius?

It isn’t clear as to why this UPS carrier decided to shove the box under the handle, but it made for a pretty funny story! Maybe it wasn’t staying upright and they didn’t want to lay it down? Either way, someone probably has some explaining to do to their manager!

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