Latest food trends that you must know about in 2017

Shout out to the Foodies everywhere! Brace yourself for the current food trends, here we are listing down the current and buzzing food trends that you’re going to be seeing everywhere, from restaurants, to social media to health blogs, literally everywhere on the Internet’s diaspora.

The good aspect of latest food trends is reducing the global food waste, feeding the less fortunate and the homeless people is on everyone’s priority, many major chefs have taken the pledge to reduce food waste in their eateries and restaurants. As far as the predictions go–the Mediterranean cuisine is going to become more popular in the current year.

Spices like cardamom, turmeric and cumin are going to be huge, regional food is going to take the buzz, foods like taco will be taking the center stage in regional food, so brace yourself and try to learn some new taco recipes. Tacos are originally from Mexico and are very versatile to make.

The current generation of the millennial’s don’t like to binge on alcohol, 2017 will be all about using no-alcohol or low-alcohol drinks. Healthy beverages like cold-pressed juices will take the center stage, as millennial are more into healthy eating. Fermented foods like Kimchi, Kombucha and pickles will still remain popular; these foods are very gut-friendly and help with many things in your body.

Posting food photos on social media will still be a hot trend among the millennial generation, you don’t need to be a certified chef to post your food photos on Instagram and other social media, taking creative pictures of a simple recipe can make it look very tempting. Making food will become easier due to the smart tech in the kitchen.

Therefore, look up for trending smart gadgets in the kitchen this year and have fun with making food.


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