KFC Ends The Feud With A Fried-Chicken-And-Donut Sandwich

The sandwich to end all sandwiches…KFC has introduced the newest creation to their line of fried chicken. Meet: the fried chicken and donut sandwich. Will the feud between Wendy’s, Popeye’s, Chick Fil A, etc. FINALLY be over?

The chicken-and-donut sandwich combo meal goes for $7.99, a reasonable price considering the enormous amount of calories you’re about to consume. The sandwich itself is intensely sweet, though the savory, 11-herbs-and-spices flavor of the chicken compliments the bombardment of sugar nicely.

A critic said that the best way to go about ordering is to go right for the sandwich. Don’t order the tenders basket with a donut. On their own, the pastries are unremarkable and a little soggy. Denser than a Krispy Kreme, the top-tier of glazed donuts, if you ask me.

Though probably something you only ever need to eat once in your entire life, KFC employees say the sandwiches are flying out the window with how popular they are.

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