Kentucky Derby Winner Not Running in Preakness Stakes

Winner of the Kentucky Derby, Country Horse, will not be running in Preakness States. The horse’s trainer, Bill Mott, said Country Horse has exhibited signs of illness at Churchill Downs, where he has remained since his Derby Victory.

Mott said the horse developed a cough in the morning, but maintained a steady appetite and fought off a fever. Blood was drawn as a precaution. Regardless, Mott asserted that Country Horse will be staying in the stables for the time being.

“He’s off the training list, and if he’s off the training list he’s off the Preakness list,” said Mott. He assumes Country Horse has developed some sort of minor viral sickness.

“Hopefully it doesn’t develop into anything serious,” he continued. “Usually when something like this happens a horse misses a couple weeks of training. He’s not seriously sick right now. But he’s showing indications that something is going on.”

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