Kate Hudson Launches New Supplement Brand "INBLOOM"

"It’s about starting small, with one thing, and not trying to go from zero to 100," Hudson said about the mission statement behind her fitness line. After she appears on a speical edition of PEOPLE Magazine's cover with her mom, actress Goldie Hawn, she is set to expand her activewear line with a branch of supplements. Hudson has been the face of various other cosmetic and skincare lines before, but has always wanted to start her own. 

"It just made more sense to approach beauty as an inside-out experience to support your health and nutrition,” she said. Hudson revealed it took her team two years to perfect the necessary plant-based ingredient ratio for her supplements. The powders promote healthy skin, a balanced sleep schedule, and more. The options are Beauty Aura, Brain Flow, Dream Sleep, Energy Shift and Essential Elements, and each contain 30 servings of powder.

 “I don’t like pills. I can't swallow them. Everything [in the line] will be a powder or liquid, unless it has the most powerful efficacy as a pill. Taste was also a deal-breaker. We laugh at the number of tasting sessions we had," Hudson said. Also, Hudson credts much of the inspiration for her line to her mother. “My number one mentor is my mother. Nobody is into weirder stuff than she is when it comes to health and wellness. The vinegar smells that have come and wafted through the house as a kid…It's just how she lived,” she said.

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