Is a Cat or a Dog Right For You?

For people who work busy jobs or have careers that demand travel, pets were never in the picture. Now, the pandemic has enforced shelter in place orders, which means most companies need their employees to work from home. Now, people who never had pets — and who also might live alone — realized they were lonelier than ever, so they decided to adopt a furry friend. Determining which is right for you, a cat or dog, depends a lot on your daily routine.

Within weeks of adopting her new dog, Rosie, Karen McCullough says her whole life has turned around for the better. "I know all my neighbors now," she says. "We have a routine and she gets me out there; we walk three times a day!" She works a job that used to be on-the-ground and demanding, relying on the in-person connection. Without it, her lockdown has been hard. After her son and his wife adopted a dog, she was inspired. 

Cats, on the other hand, are more lowkey companions. They're great if you live alone but enjoy their own space, too, especially if they're older. If you have the time, adopting a kitten in lockdown would also be a great way to boost spirits and keep you entertained all day long. Adopting a pet also encourages a sense of purpose for those feeling down, perhaps if they lost their job. Whatever pet you choose, having some companionship at home while we work through the pandemic can be life-changing. 

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