Irish Man Pre-Records Hilarious Message to Prank Mourners at His Funeral

Most of the time, funerals are no joking matter. But for anyone who believes that funerals are supposed to be a celebration of life or anyone who’s looking to laugh through the grief and tears, this viral video might strike a chord with you.

Shay Bradley, the man in question, recorded the hilarious prank one year before his funeral. “My son told me about the recording the day before his funeral,” said Anne, Bradley’s wife.

As the bagpipe music fades, Shay’s voice can be heard saying, “Let me out, it’s dark in here!” At first, the funeral-goers are confused, but they soon burst into laughter. “Let me out!” he continues. “Is that the priest I can hear?”

Shay Bradley was a Dublin grandfather of eight. “Shay was a prankster, always thought outside the box and wanted to leave his family laughing,” his wife said. “He was a larger than life character and sadly missed by anyone who knew him.”

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