Incredibly Useful Life Hacks That Will Definitely Change How You Live

While not that’s referred to as a “life hack” over the internet can actually make your life easier, there are more than a handful that’s sure to simplify your life.

Here at AmericanUpbeat, we’ve taken the time to hand pick 50 of the best and most useful life hacks ever.

Who knew a tennis ball could be used to hold so many different things?

This little guy can hold everything you could imagine, and he looks pretty cute doing it! Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with this one. You could make this simple tennis ball into a cat, or maybe a disco ball!

You’ll never ever worry about having to write lines as punishment ever again

Trick your teachers or punishment-happy parents by taping these bad boys together… Bam! You’ll only have to write 10 of the 50 lines you’re supposed to write.




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