The Incredible Story of the 500 year old Shipwreck Found in the Namibian Desert

Finding the Bom Jesus

Namibian miners came across the shipwrecked Bom Jesus deep in the desert, on the Oranjemund Coast.  The missing 500 year old Portuguese ship baffled archaeologists, so the initial discovery lead to an exciting excavation of the possible treasure that was inside. The miners and archaeologists alike were shocked and awed of what they found, hidden away for over half a millennia.

Sailors and pirates of the 1500s battled peril and war on the seas, fighting mother nature as well as their fellow ocean dwellers. Many of the sailors were traveling with valuable cargo inside, which made the seas extremely dangerous because of thieves. In 1533, the Bom Jesus started its journey in Portugal. The original plan was to sail to India. Obviously, something happened along the way where they met their grizzly end. It will never be known for sure what caused them to wreck, but the amazing cargo was found in tact. That suggests to excavators that something happened on the ship. Whether it was mutiny, illness, or even the whether, the ships cargo was perfectly safe for the past 500 years.

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