Husband Vanishes For 60 Years During World War II

You just got married, in your 20’s, and your spouse has to go fight the evilest empire on Earth, the Nazis. How do you react?  Then, imagine finding out your spouse is captured in war, missing in action, and you have no idea whether or not they are even alive? Do you move on with your life and try to find new love? Or do you wait and hope your love comes back to you? Here, is the amazing story of Peggy Harris and her husband, Billie, when he vanished during WWII.


How Would You React?

How would you feel if you had just gotten married to your best friend and he is sent off to war?  Is it better having him come back a changed man from the one you loved, or better to have him die a war hero? What if there was something in between?

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