You Won't Believe Who Taylor Swift's "Hey Stephen" Is Really About

By 3 weeks ago

Taylor Nation is at it again with the fan theories, and this time it's about her re-recorded track from Fearless (Taylor's Version), "Hey Stephen." Swift joined Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night to discuss her latest release, and the track in question came up in conversation, with Colbert (jokingly) asking how she could possibly know so many specific things about him. Swift, ever the sleuth, rattled off a list of things that only he could have known, leading fans down a(nother) rabbit hole of clues. 

Taylor joked that Colbert was likely "about 44 years, 179 days old, give or take" when she first recorded "Hey Stephen." They went on to discuss his birthday, alluded to his Social Security number, and even where he worked as a teen. Then, Swift held up her "Hey, Stephen" mood board, which is just all photos of Colbert. If he wants to believe the song is about him, let him. "I think you should take that feeling that you're feeling, and just shake it off! And that song is about you," Swift said. However, fans also have a theory regarding what her next release will be...

Because a re-recorded version of her track "Wildest Dreams" is used in an upcoming film, fans speculate that 1989 will be released in full later this summer. If you watch the interview with Colbert, you'll see Swift drops a lot of Easter eggs, as she's known to do. She references another Stephen, Stephen King, and a book he wrote in 1989... things are adding up here. Leave it to the Swifties to crack this code.

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