Texas Man's Hilarious Gymnastics Routine Goes Viral


This Texas man's impromptu gymnastics routine has earned him a perfect 10. While Guy Bell was feeding the family horses at the Will Rogers Range Riders arena, his young daughter practiced balancing on a red fence—prompting Bell to test his own abilities.

Bell's daughter cheered her father on as he saluted the nonexistent judges. Bell jumped onto the fence and posed, jumped, tapped, spun, and cartwheeled off the beam. Even more impressive? He managed the whole thing in a pair of cowboy boots.

The heartwarming and hilarious video has been viewed over a million times. Bell says he's happy that the brief clip provided some welcome distraction during uncertain times. He often posts similar content on Instagram.

"When my family and I are together, we film a lot of things that we're up to. It touches my heart, truly putting smiles on people's faces and I'm totally blown away by the response," Bell said.

Bell joked that the routine would win him "the zinc medal for sure" and implored others to cherish every moment spend alongside their loved ones.

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