Nursery Camera Captures Dog's Victory In Off-Limits Room

Beef thought that he was being sneaky, but he was caught in the act on his parents' nanny camera. 

"This is my dog, Beef. Beef is not allowed in the baby's room when we are not in there. On this day, the babysitter gave him free roam of the house, so he took full advantage of it. as you can see, he really enjoyed himself," the caption read.

Beef really thought he was doing something here. He had no idea that his parents were watching him on their Google Nest camera as he celebrated his victory of sneaking into the baby room. 

This video went so viral that Google Nest took it upon themselves to nominate beef for Best Choreography before uploading the video to their own Youtube channel. 

Obviously, viewers were thrilled to watch Beef's victory dance.

"This is so pure," one user wrote.

"Leaving my scent for the baby!" another joked.

"You said he couldn't go into the room via walking. You said nothing about crawling, that's on you!" wrote a user.

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.