Lockdown Restrictions Enforced by Darth Vader Himself in Philippine Village

Local officials in the Philippines have figured out a way to make COVID-19 quarantine measures slightly less grim. The authority figures dressed as characters from Star Wars while handing out relief packages to residents in villages on the outskirts of Manila.

Clad in Stormtrooper and Darth Vader costumes crafted from rubber mats and old plastic, the leaders were able to spread some cheer while reminding residents to stay inside.

"We tell off residents who still go outdoors without the proper quarantine passes needed and also those who do not wear face masks. We make sure the government guidelines are properly followed," says Muriel Baldago, a Stormtrooper-fitted elected official.

He added that the fun getup has managed to cheer up villagers by distracting them from the doom and gloom surrounding the novel coronavirus outbreak. On May 4, also known as "Star Wars Day"—may the fourth be with you—government workers celebrated the franchise by riding around in small wooden boats, hand-delivering packages of rice and canned goods to nearby coastal neighborhoods.

Currently, the Philippines has over 9,485 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 623 deaths, and 1,315 recoveries. Its capital and main cities are operating under rigid protocol until the middle of May.

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