How to make your eyebrows thicker with Microblading

By 4 years ago

Thicker brows are not going anywhere and if you’re not naturally blessed with them, you might be looking for ways to make your brows thicker and darker depending on your preference. Microblading is a fairly new technique that is similar to tattooing, if the name scares you off it really isn’t a blade, the technique involves a manually held tool that has little needles used to etch hair into your brows.

The little needles have colors in them and similar to tattooing the ink is injected or incisions are made on the skin, the color the customer desires is allowed to sink into the skin. Price depends on how expert the brow artist is and how much experience they have. It is a semi-permanent procedure of drawing brows into the skin, the process is worth the effort as the brows created look very natural.

It works for someone who has little to no brows at all, but remember microblading must be done by a professional and the price you pay is worth it. A touch-up of the application is required after four to eight weeks, the process can last for up to one to two years, depending on your skin type and if you have any medical or skin condition.

It’s a good thing that the eyebrow tattoos are not permanent, as some may want to change their look and eye brow shape as the beauty trends change. Always go to an expert for microblading if you do consider it, and always look for recommendations. We know how important eyebrows are today, eye brows frame your face and microblading is the only process that can give you natural-looking eyebrows for 1-2 years.

It’s a blessing for someone who loves to have nice brows and has always been drawing them everyday, but does the process hurt? Not really, the area can be made numb if needed, a redness may appear that fades in a couple of hours.

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