How the Infamous NYC Holland Tunnel Controversy Came to an End

When New York City decided to make the Holland Tunnel sign festive, they somehow royally messed it up!

Many citizens were confused and annoyed to see the decorative display. For some reason, someone decided that a wreath will stand where the first “O” is (a good start) but then a pine tree will stand where the first “N” is… It doesn’t make sense!

And then, people were completely unforgiving when another wreath donned on the “U” of the tunnel. “HOLLAAD TONNEL” did not sit well with anybody, but especially this guy.

Cory Windelsphect was the hero that nobody knew they needed. He petitioned the board to please, please change it up to make sense… And, he won.

Hopefully, whoever decided to decorate the sign in the first place didn’t feel too harsh of consequences… But, they definitely deserve some sort of punishment for bringing that horrible jumble of letters into play! Luckily, Cory might have just saved their job.

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