How COVID-19 Has Effected The Food Industry

Restaurants, food supply distributors, and grocery stores are noticably feeling the economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Customer traffic at restaurants has taken a dramatic cut, with Chinese restaurants taking the harest hit. Food supply chains have been interrupted due to temporary closures and the concern about importing and exporting food. 

Various news outlets have resported different national closures that directly affect citizens. Countless schools are closing, which affects children who rely on school meals. People have been "panic shopping" and stocking up on essential food and cleaning items, though the rush to the stores isn't exactly necssary. Alcohol purveyor Tito's has had to repeatedly tell consumers that vodka is not interchangable with hand sanitizer. With all the conflicting reports of how to best deal with and prepare for an impending epidemic, the food industry has been doing its best to keep consumers at ease while protecting their livelihood. 

The brand Corona's sales have plumetted due to the unfortunate shared name with the virus, and has actualy had to release statements that they have nothing to do with the outbreak. Starbucks, McDonald's, and other fast food chains are doubling down on Lysol and disinfectants in order to quell customer panic, but sales are still suffering.

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