How A True Crime Podcast Helped Solve the Murder of a Beauty Queen

By 2 years ago

More than a decade after Tara Grinstead went missing from a small Georgia town, one man began to uncover the secrets that would eventually solve the mystery of her disappearance.

Up and Vanished

In 2016, Payne Lindsey released the investigative journalism podcast Up and Vanished, which told the story of Tara Grinstead, a 30-year-old high school teacher and beauty queen who had been missing for over a decade. How could a podcast solve a case that had spanned 11 years with no leads?

True Crime Obsession

When Serial was released in 2014, it opened the floodgates for true crime podcasts. Serial investigated whether a man was responsible for the death of his high school girlfriend. It quickly became one of the most popular podcasts of all time. One of its listeners was Payne Lindsey, who soon took an interest in a cold case close to home…

On the Hunt

Payne, an independent filmmaker who lived on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, made it his mission to investigate a local cold case. With no sleuthing experience whatsoever, Payne could never have imagined that he was about to release an audio documentary that would help solve the missing persons case that had haunted his town for years…

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