Hours After Wisconsin Lifts Stay-At-Home Order, Bars Are Packed With Crowds

Almost immediately after the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the state's stay-at-home order this past Wednesday, the Tavern League of Wisconsin posted on its Facebook page: "We will get you a more detailed summary of the decision, however, according to the ruling you can OPEN IMMEDIATELY!"

Within hours, customers were crowding bars, and social distancing measures were egregiously disregarded. Across the country, the death toll climbs.

Nick's Bar in Platteville, Wisconsin tweeted a photo and video of the bar on Wednesday with the caption, "45 minutes after the bars open in Wisconsin," which can be viewed below.

Patrons at the Iron Hog Saloon didn't wear masks and disregarded social distancing measures entirely. "My employees haven't been paid now in two months. I had to look out for them and their families, and I had to look out for my business," said the owner.

President Trump mentioned his approval for the state's reopening and lifting of restrictions, tweeting about how "The Great State of Wisconsin" was "bustling" with people who want "to get on with their lives."

Gov. Tony Evers said that the court had "thrown our state into chaos" by undermining the rules put in place to limit the spread of the virus.

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