Genius Golden Retriever Does Some Hilarious Quick Thinking so She Doesn't Have to Go Home

A hilarious video has surfaced depicting a golden retriever doing what they do best—acting adorably ridiculous.

On April 12 on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Mike Cook took his golden retriever, Elsie, for their daily walk. The side-splitting video depicts Elsie lying on the ground and refusing to stand back up, much to the chagrin of her human. Eventually, Cook gave up, dropping the leash in hopes that Elsie would simply follow him home, but the stubborn pup had other plans.

Defeated, Cook returned to his dog and picked her off the ground in an attempt to make her stand on all fours. Unfortunately, his efforts failed, and Cook was left with nothing to do but wait.

Social media went ballistic over the footage. One person said, "He just wanted five more minutes."

"He really tried to factory reset his dog and it still didn't work," said another.

Elsie had previously gone viral in 2017 for pulling a similar stunt at Burleigh Hill. A passerby quipped, "Excuse me, sir, I think your dog's broken," as Elsie once again refused to move from the path.

"We live about 100 meters from where that video was taken, let's put it this way," Cook said. "When we turned around to go home, she ran home."

He continued, "It is what it is, the dog is always up to antics, it's to be expected I suppose. Elsie is quite a character, she is a pretty good dog, I would say borderline spoilt, she is very loved and loves adventure."

It looks like this silly pooch is got exactly what she wanted—five more minutes.

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