Here's How Fast-Food Chains Are Adjusting Their Hours and Policies In Response to CDC Guidelines

In response to the corona virus outbreak, many sit-down restaurants have closed their doors to table service completely. Some are still open to take out and delivery, but for the most part, the service industry has completely shut down while we take the time to deal with the COVOD-19 crisis. Fast-food restaurants, what were once our most dependable establishments, are now taking new precautions in deciding whether to safely remain open or close their doors for the time being.

Though you should pay attention to your specific state's CDC guidelines, many restaurants are operating under a delivery-only protocol. Here are a few nation-wide examples of various fast-food chains and their new COVID-19 rules:

Arby's locations are take-out only.

Burger King locations are open but are prepping their staff and third-party delivery partners for new procedures.

All Chick-Fil-A locations are closing their dining rooms, but drive-thru may still be open depending on your location. 

Chipotle locations are closing their dining rooms and offering takeout/delivery with "tamper evident packaging," though they haven't cited corona virus as the reason.

All restaurants are following these procedures until further notice in an effort to protect the health of both employees and customers.

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