Her Deadly Secret: Texas Man Meets Perfect Match Until He Uncovers the Ugly Truth

The pain of finding out someone you know and love is holding onto a dark secret can be deeply disturbing—everything you thought you knew about this person then comes into question. Who are they really?

That’s the question Blake Ruff began asking himself after marrying the girl of his dreams. In 2003, Blake met a woman named Lori Erica Kennedy at a Texas Bible study class. He was instantly attracted to her and they hit it off right away. The two got married just one year later. It was the start of a perfect relationship, or so he thought…

At the Start

In 2003, a man named Blake Ruff fell madly in love with a woman named Lori Erica Kennedy, and they were married shortly after. After attending bible study classes together, Blake knew he had met the one he’d been waiting for, and he was excited to start a life with Lori. What started off as an honest relationship full of potential slowly began to spiral downward…

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