Have You Seen Baskin-Robbins' New Easter Cake?

The name of this adorable holiday treat is HOPSCOTCH and it tastes just as sweet as it sounds. Everyone knows that Easter-themed snacks are the cutest. Everything from rabbits to baby chicks to pastel-colored eggs are on full display in every store from March until April. This year, Baskin-Robbins is upping their game with a bunny-shaped chocolate-flavored ice cream cake.

The little guy is totally frosted and laid upon a bed of iced grass, and a quick trip to the store will save you way more time than trying to bake your own version from scratch. Baskin-Robbins does annual holiday treats, but this year's Easter cake definitely tops them all as far as cuteness goes. Last year, their Easter dessert was a Baby Yoda-themed treat. Just when we thought they couldn't top it, here they go again for a second quarantined Easter savior.

HOPSCOTCH costs just $30, and he can be made with your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake along with his white chocolate ears and chocolate ice cream filling. You can pick him up in any participating stores or order online. If you need more Easter treat ideas, browse the Baskin-Robbins site for more goodies.

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