Have You Ever Tried Scandinavian Coffee?

Did you know that the secret ingredient found in traditional Scandinavian coffee is a raw egg? Mixing a raw egg – shell and all – into your water and coffee grounds makes for an ideal richly-flavored, amber-hued, perfectly balanced brew.

Before you freak out – there’s a specific method to follow when making Scandinavian coffee in order to avoid any possible health risks associated with consuming raw eggs.

Eggs have the ability to clarify liquids – they can do this with anything from broth to wine to coffee. As the liquid is heated, the egg coagulates, drawing impurities out of the liquid and into itself. In the case of coffee, those impurities include substances that can cause coffee to taste bitter or burnt. Ultimately, the impurities also inlcude the grouds, themlves. The egg acts as a magnet, filtering your coffee without the need for a paper or mesh filter. After three minutes, the egg and grounds have formed a unified lump that you can easily strain as you pour youself a cup.

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