Growing a Mustache Is the Equivalent of Cutting Your Own Bangs During Quarantine

You've seen the pictures on Instagram. They're impossible to avoid—the endless sea of people who have taken up embroidery, started knitting, rearranged furniture, or, more likely, are now sporting a mustache.

The mustache wave has been just one of several attempts at mixing things up while stuck at home this month. For many, now is the ideal time to experiment with their looks. No longer at risk of being seen during the patchy phase, now is the time for facial hair.

"Right now is the perfect time to experiment with not just your beard, but with your mustache and hair, too," said Hitesh Dhingra, founder of The Man Company. "Grow it out, go bald, try different mustache styles and find out what you like so you can start sporting them once the lockdown gets lifted."

Krishna Gupta, managing director of Lloyds Luxuries Ltd.,  believes that when it comes to growing out your facial hair versus the hair on your head, you should pick one or the other. "Definitely don’t grow both out. 21-30 days is a long time to leave your beard untouched and not groomed," he said. "Your hair can still grow and you can make it look stylish one way or another but an untidy beard is not attractive."

Always wanted a man bun, but never managed to sneak the attempt past your live-in partner? Perhaps it's time to start growing the mane. The same goes for a beard, as long as it's sufficiently consistent. Patchy beards are not all the rage.

There's no better time to get creative than being stuck inside with people who really don't care what you look like—but whatever you choose to do, stay away from the soul patch.

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